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The Annual Bandom Fanfic Awards!

Write. Read. Vote. Win.

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The Bandom Fanfic Awards

Have you ever read a bandom fic so fantastically awesome you thought everyone should know about it? Well, here's your chance! You get to nominate and vote for an author and a piece of fiction that you love! We have 18 categories for you to nominate and vote in. At the end of the voting, the winners will get shiny banners to proudly display (or hide somewhere).

The process goes like this:
1) Nominations
2) Voting
3) Give out awards
4) PARTY! Do it all again.


1. No bashing anyone or any band. Flaming will not be tolerated. Flames will be deleted.

2. No voting for yourself. That’s just not cool.

3. Do not nominate yourself. Equally uncool.

4. You should probably tell someone you nominated them. Then, if they would rather not be, we can take them out of the running.

5. Vote only once per category. We want this to be fair and fun.

6. Anonymous posting will be off, so that you can't vote twice if you even wanted too. Which you don’t because you are very nice and follow the rules.

7. Only fiction communities that are open for everyone to post are allowed to be nominated.

8. You are now allowed to nominate more than one fic per category.

Warning: We're not responsible for any content overage users may see. Authors are responsible for their own restrictions.

The thing is, there shouldn't be any discussion here. You come, you nominate, you leave. You come, you vote, you leave. You see who won.

Flames, snarks and opinions on nominations will be deleted, and the poster will be banned.

All in all, this is just a trial run. If everything goes well, we'll do it again next year. But if it turns out bandom can't do this civilly, then we won't have a choice but to close the thing down mid-election. It's all in your hands. :)


Best Romance
Best Angst
Best AU
Best Hurt/Comfort
Best Humor
Best Drama
Best Crack!fic
Best PWP
Best Fic

Best Fall Out Boy
Best My Chemical Romance
Best Panic! At The Disco
Best Gym Class Heroes
Best Cobra Starship
Best The Academy Is…
Best The Used
Best Smaller Band Fic
Best Crossover

Best Author
Best Fic Community


You understand that this can't go down the way we'd like it too, without it being spread to everyone in bandom you know, so please, please, please, PIMP THIS!

We have several banners you can post, and we'll be doing the same thing! The banners link to the explanatory post.

Bandom Fanfic Awards! Cast your vote now!

Bandom Fanfic Awards! Cast your vote now!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

We really want to do this properly, so: SPREAD THE WORD! :)

Banners made by: angelcakes694




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