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Who? What? Where? How?
(Or, alternately, how does this work, exactly?)

Hi! Welcome to the first Bandom Awards! :) This is the place to be if you want to know what exactly is going on, how it's going on and what you have to do!

The general idea is this: there are certain fics that are *so* good, they deserve an award. This is the place where you can make it happen.

There are three (3) steps:

1. Deciding on Nominees

The first thing to do is to nominate fics in certain categories. There are 20 categories in total:

- Best Romance
- Best Angst
- Best AU (Alternate Universe Fic)
- Best Hurt/Comfort
- Best Humor
- Best Drama
- Best Crack!fic
- Best PWP
- Best Fic

- Best Fall Out Boy
- Best My Chemical Romance
- Best Panic! At The Disco
- Best Gym Class Heroes
- Best Cobra Starship
- Best The Academy Is…
- Best The Used
- Best Smaller Band Fic (This is a single category for bands such as The Sounds, All-American Rejects, The Hush Sound, The Cab, etc.)
- Best Crossover

- Best Author
- Best Fic Community

--> In "Genres" everything goes. The fics can contain every character and their mom from every band, but they can also be about the same band.

--> The fics in "Bands" must be about only that specific band. Even in the 'Smaller Band Fic' category all characters must be from the same band, be it The Hush Sound, AAR, etc.

--> 'Best Crossover' is for fics where Bandom collides with other fandoms (such as SGA, Harry Potter, etc.)

How will this happen? There will be a Nominations Post. Attached to that post you will find a comment for each category.

If you want to nominate a fic, you head over to the Nominations Post and find the category it fits in. You reply to that comment, putting the title and the author in the title of you comment. A link and summary are optional, but might be useful (by which I mean: someone else may get interested and end up really liking that fic as well.)

Before you want to nominate a fic, check if it hasn't already been nominated! If it has, reply to that comment. If you make a new nomination for a fic that has already been nominated, the vote will not be counted

For your comfort, here's how it is supposed to look:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

EDIT! You can submit several fics per category if you want to. And one fic can be nominated to several categories as well!

The nominations post will go up on Monday, December 3rd. Nomination period end on Friday, December 14th.

2. Voting

When the Nomination period is over, Nikki and I will count the votes every nominee got. There can sadly only be 10 nominees per category for the actual voting. The 10 fics that get the most nominations will be selected.

When the nominations have been counted and the nominees selected, polls will appear, where you can vote for the fic that you think deserves the award. Voting will last for one (1!) week.

The voting polls wil go up on Monday, December 17th. Polls will be closed on Friday, December 29th.

3. Ceremony

Party! Or, alternately, the announcement of the results!

If you have any questions, go have a look in our FAQ! And please, PIMP THIS! There are banners in the user info! We can only make this work if everyone and their grandma knows about it, so we're hoping that aside from our promotional efforts, you'll help us out!


Nikki and Fia
Tags: who? what? where? how?
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